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Finding a professional knife set that’s right for you

professional knivesIf you’re already satisfied with your kitchen but reach into a drawer and realize your great grandmother’s cutlery that she got for her 45th wedding anniversary look like its been through the garbage disposal, purchasing professional grade Chef’s Knives at Restaurant Supply would be a great idea. Yes, they are expensive when you purchase the entire set at once but you can purchase professional knifes piece by piece. For about $100-$150 you can get a high quality German made blade. Using the wrong knives can mean the difference between filleting a delicate piece of fish and shredding a delicate piece of fish.

Take time to research what knives would be the best for your personal cooking style. Yes, there are that many kinds and that many brands to browse. So many that you need to have an idea of what kind you want.
Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy into the “as seen on tv” ceramic knives that “never get dull”. For knives that supposedly never dull, they are often found lacking in performance. Usually, quite frankly they suck. There is a reason you have never seen Gordon Ramsay chopping basil leaves with one.
Stick to well known brands that come recommended by professional chefs and you’ll be surprised at how long they will last. Depending on weather you use it every day or only a few times a week, some professional grade knives will last as long as your great grandmother’s.

Consider the tasks you will be using the knife for. Most chefs will tell you, for personal use, not only is a knife set in black from a department store more than you need, often they are really terrible knives and end up being a total waste of money. I know a few chefs personally and I asked them what they would recommend. The answers were all the same, though each one of them swore by a different brand.

kitchen knivesThe most important knife, the one you’ll have in your hand 90% of the time is an 8′-10′ inch chefs knife. Used for mincing, chopping, dicing and mincing its versatility makes it obvious why it is used for most tasks.. A serrated blade, depending how comfortable you are with the length, probably 8′, would fall into the necessary category for breads .

Finally, a really good paring knife will take care of the detailed jobs like peeling vegetables or scoring pies, maybe even cutting designs out food. No matter which knives you choose for your kitchen, remember to keep them sharp. I promise a dull blade will cut you faster and deeper than a blade that split a hair.