Escape Room Experience

Since 2010 escape rooms have been on the rise globally, with new ones seemingly popping up daily. There’s even blockbuster movies based around the concept. The reason for this is the psychology of the escape, they draw on our raw instincts in a race against to the clock to literally escape, using both our physical and mental attributes.

This return to our primal instincts offers a literal ‘escape’ from the routine that is daily life. In addition to this they are an excellent way of strengthening the bonds between a group, particularly if they are ‘scare’ or horror themed. For this reason the escape room concept has taken off big time with companies that offer their employees team building days to raise moral or with students moving in with new friends getting to know each other in a setting other than a bar.

The escape room experience can vary greatly, from complex puzzles and great mental effort to tests of physical strength and endurance. However the most popular are usually horror themed and are great for a Halloween night out. In some cases the participants may begin the escape tied up, handcuffed and blindfolded and may even have to sign a waiver before entering. All in the name of fun!

For this reason escape room experiences contribute to grow in popularity throughout the US, Europe and now even Asia and in all honesty, we could all use a little escape sometimes.