Types of finance

Finance is a broad topic that entails allocating liabilities, funds, and assets over time, mediums, and processes to gather the most from the activity. Likewise, finance can involve multiplying or managing funds in the best interest while handling uncertainties and risks. It is mainly divided into four major types, corporate, public, and personal finance.

1.Personal finance

This is a type of finance specific to individuals. Strategies for personal finance depend on the person’s earning potential, time frame, goals, and requirements. It includes cars, real estate, medical insurance, investment in education, expense management, and saving.

2.Corporate finance

This type of finance mainly focuses on maintaining a company’s well-being by balancing the opportunities and risks. It all involves funding a firm’s expenditure and building its money structure.

3.Public finance

This is a government-related kind of finance, like state finances, provinces, and municipalities. This type of finance constitutes factors such as resource allocation, economic stability, and income distribution.


Finance is a broad term that covers a wide range of bank-related activities, money, capital, investments, etc. It has three major broad categories, public, cooperate, and personal—each of these types has a unique structure and role.